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Below is a sample of film screenings and updates
The film screened in Scotland. March 2007
Ashville, North Carolina, USA. May 2007
July 13, 2003

Jerusalem Film Festival

7/13 4:30 pm Cinemateque Jerusalem

Additional Notes
Five additional screenings held at various locations in Israel by popular demand.
Closely followed by CNN, BBC, and the NPR.

7/11 8:30 pm Kasabah Theater, Ramallah
7/12 8:00 pm Palestinian National Theater
7/14 8:00 pm Cinemateque Nazareth
7/15 10:00 am Cinemateque Sakhnin
7/15 5:30 pm Cinemateque Tel Aviv



April 17 to May 1

San Francisco International FILM Festival No 46
The Olive Harvest
Directed by Hanna Elias

Additional Notes
Presented in association with Cinemayaat, the San Francisco Arab Film Festival.
In Arabic with English subtitles.

Show Times
4/25 KAB 7:15 OLIV25K
4/25 KAB 9:15 OLI225K
4/28 KAB 2:00 OLIV28K
4/28 KAB 6:30 TBA228K

Please Note:
4 screenings are Sold Out!
September 26-28, 2003

Port Townsend Film Festival 2003

Please look for us September 26th to September 28th at the Port Townsend Film Festival in Port Townsend, Washington.
Screening Dates to be announced in early September.



August 1st, 2003

Wine Country Film Festival 2003

8/1 9:00 pm Kunde Estate Winery

Additional Notes
Screening to be held as part of the Middle East Celebration Special Event, beginning at 6:30 pm.