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Writer/director Hanna Elias chose to work with an Israeli crew as a statement that Israelis and Palestinians can and ought to work together. "By working together we establish not only professional working habits, but we also build trust and mutual respect. This is the best way to deal with a conflict that has engulfed all of us in a hundred years of violence. The only way to change it is to create ways for us to work together and learn about each other, so we can see each other as human beings and create new possibilities in our region."






    Hanna Elias



"The breakthrough for me to work with Israelis on this film came in 1997/98, when I worked on the Palestinian/Israeli co-production of Sesame Street for CTW of NY. We produced 60 episodes for children, many of them geared toward tolerance and mutual respect. Working for months with the Israeli staff and crew planted a seed in me that made me want to take the initiative in the future. And so I did here."

"The crew slept in Ramalla when we stayed late on the shoot. When the current Intifada broke in 2000, we were forced to delay the production for security purposes, and hired body guards to protect the cast and crew. The crew was attacked three times but we all were safe. except Lead actor Mazen Saade was shot by an Israeli sniper (not during a film shooting day). After six months of operations and healing, Mazen later did collaborate on a project with an Israeli filmmaker. And now he’s a full time writer/filmmaker.

"My favorite moment was when Ofer, my DP, closed downtown Ramallah in order to film a scene there. The Police worked with him so well that I sat and watched it from the side and felt how great we can be when we help each other. The Israeli crew used their hearts and arms throughout the shoot, and we made a wonderful project together. Other Israelis and Palestinians use their hearts and arms to destroy one another. It's a personal choice."
Hanna Elias, Director

Ofer Harari - Cinematographer
Dudi Kaufman - Grip and lighting
Haizi Davidian - Sound
Amit Levy - Camera operator
Ofer Dori - Videographer
Ravital Kanner _ Make up
Barouch Rafiq - Still Photgraphy
Adi Borkin - Best Boy
Gail Balshai - Production Assistant
Ami Druz - First cut Editor


Ofer Harari:
One of the most talented Israeli Directors of Photography (DP). Winner of the best Israeli "DP Award" for 2003. Ofer has photographed many Israeli feature films and documentaries. His work is mostly in Israel and sometimes abroad, especially in Europe.

"Working with the Palestinians was a real challenge. But once the camera rolled we forgot our differences. The more it rolled, the more similarities we discovered. The director created this environment."



Dudi Kaufman:
One of the best in Israeli. Worked on over 100 features.

"Working together, it was great because of the unique way that the movie was done. Most of all because of the people: the crew (from our side) the actors (from the other [Palestinian] side) and the way the director worked with each side and both sides together."watch


Haizi Davidian

"I looked forward to such a production. I always believed that we can work together and live together."

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Amit Levy

"My eyes were open to the situation in the territories.
I learned a lot!"
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Ofer Dori

He has shot 50 hours of the production including interview of all the crew and cast on their work and politics. The director is editing a documentary on this matter.

"Only by production of this nature across all fields of our lives here we can achieve peace together."
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Ravital Kanner

"I never dreamed to work in such a production. First it opened my eyes, then my heart."

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Barouch Rafiq

"What I saw through the viewfinder of my camera was a miracle. With todays' violence we can't repeat it. We can"t even visit Ramallah or anywhere!"




Adi Borkin

"I worked with all international crews. First time with Palestinians. It was the best and most needed for me, us!"
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The following photos are of other Israelis who helped the main team in various phases.



Assembly editing was done at:
Broadcast in Tel Aviv and After Shooting in Jerusalem. First assembly editor: Ami Druz.



Gail Balshai

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Ami Drodz



Sabine El Gemayel

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Mark Adler

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The Olive Harvest:Drama, 35mm, color, 92 minutes. Arabic with English Subtitles. 2007 release.
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